How to contribute to Orion ?

There are several ways one can contribute to the Orion framework project:

Give us ideas

Think a good feature is missing ? Then tell us more about your needs by submitting a feature request on the Github page for one of the next milestones.

Fill in a feature request

Write some code

If you are a programmer, and think you found a good feature for Orion, don't hesitate to code it and start a pull request on the project's github page. This is also appreciated for bug fixes, patches, ports or even third-party software integrations (like rendering engines or DB\Query drivers).

Start a pull request on Github

Report bugs

If you find any bugs while using Orion, please report them on the Github issues page, so we can fix'em as soon as possible. Also, if you encounter one, make sure you give us a proper way to reproduce the bug, including a full description of your Orion installation (server specs, version, plugins, drivers, etc.).

Report a bug via Github issues

Spread the love

If you find this project interresting, a good and easy way to support us is to talk about it on forums, social medias, everywhere !

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This project is free to use and open source, but any donation would be appreciated :)

Also, if you plan on donating, leave your name in the optionnal Paypal field, so we can thank you later !

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