Thanks to a simple namespaced structure, accessing components or integrating new ones is an easy task. Extending the core framework is as easy as dropping files in a directory.

Also, the database and template classes are using abstraction layers, so you can use pretty much any third party engine you want to handle that part for you.


The Orion PHP5 Framework is built for small to medium scale applications and websites. Its low memory footprint and light weight make it a must-have tool for fast web development.

Orion is built using less than 50 Core classes for a base memory footprint under a megaoctet.

Open source

This framework is, and ever will be, free and open source. It is licensed under the MIT license.

Anyone can contribute to the project, meaning that if you have a feature idea or some code you think might be useful for the framework, you can submit it on github and ask for a pull request.

What is Orion ?

Orion is a Web Framework written in PHP5.3 by Thibaut Despoulain, a computer engineering student at the UTBM.

Orion is lightweight and fairly low-level. This means that you still have to know your ways with PHP to use it. It is not meant to auto-generate 90% of your code, for that you can use Symfony or any other high-end framework out there.

Orion is meant to ease web development by automating common tasks like URL routing, database requesting and data managment. It provides an application skeletton you can quickly start working with, allowing you to directly focus on your code.

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